Friday, February 14, 2014

A walk across the Harbour Bridge

The next day of their visit, Lance had swimming lessons in the morning, so they wanted to watch that.  Then, we took the train in to Milson's Point, so we could walk across the Harbour Bridge, see the views, and go up in the Pylon for an even better view.  Afterwards, we were all quite hungry, so we walked down to the Rocks area where we ate lunch at a nice Cafe.  We then took the train home and grabbed a coffee in Beecroft at one of our favorite places - Chicken and Fishheads!  It was a fun, but tiring day!

A day at Taronga Zoo

Grandpa and Grandma hadn't yet been to Taronga Zoo, so this was on our list of things to see!  The kids were on school holidays, so we were able to take them on a weekday.  We had lots of fun and they really enjoyed the beauty and views of the zoo! ;)

 Grandpa claims he can't stand orangutans, so we thought it would be funny to make him kiss one! ;)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma come to visit!

I'm mainly doing this blog for our family, as I want to have a "journal" or "book" of our time here in Australia after we leave.  I'm horrible at this kind of thing, but I've made a promise that I will do it, so even though I'm technically 1.5 years behind now, I'm still going to get it done!!  Starting where we left off last time.....September 2012, Josh's parents came to visit us again!  This time we planned a trip to Cairns with them, but they spent a few days in Sydney on both ends of the trip with us.  When they arrived, we took the ferry over to Manly for some fish and chips and a stroll along the beach!  We have to keep them awake, you know, to get used to the time change!  As usual, they were troopers! 

 picture of the Opera house (again) from the ferry
 fish and chips at Manly Beach
 walking along the beautiful beach
 riding the ferry
Josh and I had been wanting to purchase a painting or picture to remember our time here in Sydney, Australia.  We found one we loved at the Manly Markets that day and took a picture of the artist with it.  He was still in the running at this time for the best painter/artist in Sydney of 2012 (there were only 5 who had made it this far).  Pretty cool! We loved it because it's a painting of Sydney, but it's not obvious at first.  After looking, you can find the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the tower in the background.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sydney Running Festival

Last year General Mills had a team they put together to do the run/walk in the Sydney Running Festival, so we decided to do it!  It was so much fun!  Josh ran the 9K and Grace, Lance, and myself did the family walk/run.  It was a gorgeous day and so much fun to be able to enjoy the city we live in!
 Riding the train into the city- it was VERY early!!
 Getting ready to start with the Harbour Bridge behind us

 We went with some other GM friends - they have two girls Grace and Lance's ages.  This is how they started out the race, holding hands - too cute!!  Notice the Betty Crocker and Old El Paso on their shirts! ;)
 walking across the Harbour Bridge - they shut down the road just for this race for the morning - so cool!

 stopping for a pic with an awesome view

 We finished!!  Nathan in the back is from Nebraska and married Dina (Australian) who works at GM. His mom to his right was visiting from America and walked with us.  Dina was running the race with Josh.  Michelle on the far right, works at GM, and is the sister of one of my good friends here.  She was pregnant with twins.  Looking forward to doing it again next year!
 lots of entertainment for the kids while we waited for Josh and Dina to finish
 Posing with the Sydney Time's Kangaroo
 picture with Kurt Fearnley - he is an Australian paralympic gold medalist and has also won many world championships!
Lance "biting" his medal like the Olympians! ha!